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  • 3 oranges
  • sugar
  • water
  • 100 gr. black chocolate fondant
Wash and peel the oranges: cut across the top and bottom of the orange.Make 4 vertical cuts and start ripping the skin with your fingers When you have the pieces of skin, cut sticks approx. 1 cm wide and as long as possible.
Try a little corner of the skin: if  very bitter, can be bleached by boiling briefly.
Weigh the orange peels and put the same weight of sugar and the same of water. Mixed in a pan the water and sugar at low heat, when the sugar dissolves add the orange strips. Wait until the syrup begins to boil and then lower the heat to medium-low, keeping the boil but with lazy bubbles.Let the orange boiling for 25-30 min.
Take out one by one the sticks and let them dry on a rack.
Orange strips have to be several hours before drying. This step is not essential but it makes the end result  more crisp: the more wet they are they absorb more sugar, if you wait a few hours is the texture will be with fine granules of sugar.
Just throw the stripes on a plate with sugar and mixed them well, then shake them a bit and put them back one at a time, well separated on the grid again. The next day should be almost completely dry to the touch.
To dip them in chocolate, simply melt it in a pan or microwave ( low power, to prevent burning) and place in a narrow container.
Prepare a tray or surface with grease proof baking paper .Carefully we put the tip or half of each strip in chocolate, let drain and place on baking paper. Now you just have to wait for it to solidify, a couple of hours.