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This is something I really miss from home. Every time I travel to Spain I have to go to one at least. My favourite one is Maravillas, nothing fancy but with a huge range of products.

In these Food Indoor Markets you can find everything: fresh and cure meats, fish, seafood, cheeses, fruit, breads, sweets… And all with the best quality. You can do you daily shopping there, that is the idea. They are not posh and expensive markets. With the exception of San Miguel, that has been refurbished recently and it is more a Delicatessen space.

It is a pity that there are none in Dublin. It will be great to have in Dublin something like Cork’s English Market.

Here, a couple of videos. The first one a playlist showing videos of the 43 Food Markets we have in Madrid. The second, San Anton, refurbished last year to a more European standard.

Visit them and enjoy the smells, sounds, flavours and helpful people.