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You have probably noticed at this stage my devotion for Olive Oil. Here it is again. Now in a cake.

It sounds strange but you’ll be surprised how well the Olive Oil, Rosemary and Chocolate work together. Spelt Flour also adds a nice rustic texture.

Here it goes, for a sweet weekend…


  • 110gr. Spelt Flour.
  • 200gr. plain flour.
  • 170gr. White Sugar.
  • 1 and half tea spoons baking powder.
  • 3/4 tea spoon salt.
  • 3 eggs.
  • 140ml. mild Olive Oil.
  • 130ml. Whole Milk.
  • 1 and half table spoon chopped fresh Rosemary.
  • 140gr. Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa.


Pre heat the oven at 170 degrees.

Mix, in a bowl, the Spelt Flour, plain flour, baking powder, white sugar and salt.

In another bowl, whisk the eggs. Add the Olive Oil, then the milk and Rosemary and  whisk for 2 minutes.

Add the wet mixture to the flour bowl. Mix well. Finally add the chocolate broken in small pieces.

Place the dough in a rounded cake tin (I use the silicon ones) 22 cm diameter. Bake for 40 minutes or until golden.

Let it cool down and get a knife!

*The cake is even better the next day.