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Keep trying with bread…

It is an easy recipe, just requires patience for the fermentations. Why not make a Pesto while waiting? The bread will last a few minutes…


  • 750gr. Strong Flour.
  • A tea spoon of Dry Yeast or 20gr. fresh Yeast.
  • Half table spoon salt.
  • 450ml. water.


Shift the flour with the salt in a bowl. Mix the fresh yeast with the water(at room temperature) and leave it rest 15 minutes.

If you use dry yeast just mix it with the flour.

Add the water in the centre of the flour. Mix with your hand until the dough separates from the bowl walls.

Work the dough in a flat surface with flour for 15 minutes. Flat the dough with your palm, fold it towards you and repeat the process. The dough should be elastic and smooth. Form a ball. Folds should be under the dough.

Put the dough in a clean bowl with a bit of flour on the bottom. Cover with a wet cloth. Let it rest in a warm place (around 22-23 degrees) for 90 minutes. It should double its size.

Put the dough on a flat surface. Press with your palms and flat the dough. Fold the sides of the rounded dough to the centre. Turn around forming a ball. Place it in a chopping board with flour. Cover with a dry cloth and let it rest 15 minutes.

Flat the dough again to release the air excess inside. Repeat the same process, fold the sides to the centre. Turn around and form a ball.

Put the dough in the chopping board with flour. Cover with a dry cloth. Let it ferment for 60 minutes in a warm place.

Pre heat the oven at 240 degrees. Put a heat resistant bowl with water at the bottom. If you have one, use a oven stone.

Make a cross cut in the dough with a sharp knife. Transfer the dough to the oven stone(or baking tray) directly from the chopping board. Spray the oven with water (this will improve the crust).

After 10 minutes reduce the temperature at 200 degrees. Bake until golden, around 45 minutes.

Let the bread cool down on a rack.