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Another Award!! This Versatile Blogger Award comes from Tabkhet el Yom, thank you very much. A recent discovery full of lovely Middle East recipes. I really enjoy the clever combination of spices in her dishes, they make you travel far away… Check her blog, you will stay.

I also reached more than 5000 visits to the blog yesterday. I am very impressed with all of you, my readers. Thank you so much for the time spent reading my recipes. I wasn’t expecting this.

Following the tradition, a few facts:

  • I went to a catholic school for 14 years.
  • I am now, an active atheist. I like Richard Dawkins.
  • I try to be politically active. I send letters and emails to politicians, public organisations and all public subjects not doing their job properly. The list is very long, specially in Spain.
  • I like almost all sort of music, a few exceptions: Hip-Hop, Reggaeton (Is this music?), commercial MTV type music and long exposures to Flamenco.
  • I decided last week to start with my Ph.D in Politics next October. It will be a long way…

And here, my nominations:

Congratulations for all of them! Good job.