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Two days ago I received these three Awards.

A Big Thank You!

To be organised I will go through each of them individually.

I received a  Very Inspiring Blogger Award from The Burlesque Baker, a great Blogger. Thanks for this one. I like the idea of mixing baking and Burlesque.

I am starting with the 7 facts:

  • I am getting desperate with my laptop lately. So slow.
  • I can’t stand impatience drivers. If I come across one, I drive at 10km/h.
  • I was a bold kid. Fire was a great attraction for me.
  • I love Mountain Biking.
  • I don’t drink fizzy drinks. If I do, it’s only Rum and Coke.
  • I don’t like card games.
  • I think I am very organised when I cook.

And here are the nominations:

Thank you Tabkhet El Yom for this “One Lovely Blog Award”. It is really an honour. Her blog is full of delicious recipies. And I love how she uses spices. Check it out.

The facts. It is going to be tricky to write another 7:

  • I don’t cook to many dishes involving frying. Don’t like at all the smell of frying.
  • When I cook I try to leave the kitchen better than when I started cooking.
  • I was a bit naughty in college. I was going out , probably, too much.
  • More than likely, I said this before. Spanish politicians drive me mad.
  • I prefer good prawns than a lobster.
  • I hate ironing. And I have to do it every day.
  • If I have to choose an animal it would a Fox.

And the nominations for this One Lovely Blog Award are:

And  another One Lovely Blog Award. This one from Peri’s Spice Ladle. A lovely blog full of flavours and colors. I have loads to learn from her.

Let’s go again with the 7 facts:

  • After living in a house with garden, I couldn’t live in a flat again.
  • I try to fix everything at home. And disasters happen.
  • I only wear a watch if I am at work.
  • I never wear shirts out of work.
  • One of my favourites sports to practice is Frontenis. No courts in Ireland.
  • I have no interest at all in cars.
  • I like punctuality.

And the nominations…

Enjoy all these Great Bloggers!

It was very tough.