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What a great surprise I had when I was having my first coffee! This morning I found out my Versatile Blog Award nomination from a brilliant blogger, What about the pie? A BIG thank you. I love her concept of food. The memories that food can bring you…and how the taste of food can be different depending of the people and the environment.

Following the Award rules I have to write 7 facts about myself and pass the award to 15 blogs that I enjoy. Another difficult decision. So here we go.

My 7 facts:

  1. We have been living in Ireland for 11 years and still loving it. Good people. But, where all the good fish is going?
  2. I played all sort of Sports. Lately running is the main one taking most of my time.
  3. The only food I hate are Brussels Sprouts. But I love Brussels!
  4. I have a big interest in Politics(studied Politics in College). I believe our politicians are a disgrace, a few exceptions.
  5. We got rid of out TV 6 years ago. That was the greatest idea! Eating books since then.
  6. We have three great pets always willing to eat all the leftovers. Pancho(Border Collie, Coco(Jack Russel) and Aurelio the cat.
  7. We found our paradise in La Vera. We will move there at some stage to enjoy the good life.

And these are the 15 Blogs I find very interesting for different reasons, they are all great Bloggers: