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Migas literally means breadcrums. This dish is coming from the Spanish shepherds travelling north to south in winter and the opposite in summer in search of the best pastures for their sheep.

Recycling food and using ingredients that don’t need to be preserve at low temperatures, as cured meats, was the idea. Shepherds always kept in their zurron (the fashionable messenger bag we use today) some bread, tocino (cured bacon) and chorizo for their long journeys.

There are different recipes for Migas depending on the region you are. In La Vera they add some fried potato cubes and there is even a sweet version with chocolate. I will stick to the one I learnt at home.

The main ingredient is old bread. This week I have been getting too much bread. Looking at it yesterday, I knew what it was coming, Migas!


  • Bread, a couple of days old. Any good white bread baguette type will do the job.
  • Two thick slices of pancetta.
  • 2 chorizos.
  • 5 garlic cloves.
  • 1 red pepper and 1 green pepper.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Pimenton ( http://wp.me/p2fESw-27 ).
  • White grapes.
  • Salt.
  • Water.


Cut the bread in small pieces, the size of a dice. If the bread is not too hard you can also cut the pieces with your fingers. Put the bread in a bowl, sprinkle with cold water and mix. Make sure all the bread get moisture, doesn’t need to be soaked in water, just wet. Reserve.

Cut the pancetta and chorizo in cubes and then, the red pepper, in stripes.

Put, in a big pan, 5/6 table spoons of olive oil. At medium heat fry the garlic with its skin until golden. Add the chorizo,  pancetta and red pepper. Cook for a minute and add the bread. Sprinkle with Pimenton and salt.

The hard part. At the begging the mix will be soggy. Stir and mix with a wooden spoon, breaking the big lumps. Slowly, the bread will begin drying but this will take a good few minutes.

Keep cooking and stirring until the breadcrumbs are almost crispy on the outside but still moistured inside. Correct the salt.

And time to serve again. On a low individual bowl serve the Migas and add some white grapes. The combination of the Migas and the grapes is a surprising explosion of flavours. Enjoy.